Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Japan Process Work Center (Hereafter referred to as the “Center”) adopts Privacy Policy as below, and will build the system of protection of Personal Information.

1.    Our Commitment

The Center will make efforts to ensure that Personal Information will be protected and used appropriately. We will strive continuously to improve the system for protection of Personal Information and practices under such system.

2.    The purposes of use of Personal Information.

The Center will collect Personal Information for purposes below. Any contact in the purposes for seminar information, answering to the question, email interaction, or forwarding information materials etc. 

3.    Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties.

The Center will not provide Personal Information to any third party without first obtaining consent of the individual, excluding the cases enumerated below :

1.    In the case of obtaining consent of the individual

2.    In the case of outsource all or part of Personal Information for processing or handling Personal Information in the purpose of providing services for individual.

3.    In the case of obtaining professional advices from third parties.

4.    If required by laws, regulations or ordinances.

4.    Security and Control Measures for Personal Information.

The Center will implement appropriate security and control measures of Personal Information.

5.    Inquiry and Correction of Personal Information.

If a individual wants to make an inquiry or request correction or deletion, the Center will respond to such request after confirming the identity of the individual.

6.    Amendment of this Privacy Policy

If this Privacy Policy is amended, the amended document will be posted and made public on the website of the Center. The Center will comply with the terms and conditions prescribed in this Privacy Policy as well as the relevant laws, regulations and orders for attaining the appropriate protection and use of Personal Information.

Any question or comments of Personal Information, please contact us:

Japan Process Work Center
Tel&Fax: 03-3485-4208