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Developed originally by Jungian author and analyst Arnold Mindell more than 30 years ago, Process Work (also known as Process Oriented Psychology) is a paradigm that integrates concepts and approaches from psychology, physics, sociology, anthropology, as well as various spiritual traditions in the world. Its holistic approach has been applied in a wide range of fields and situations including psychotherapy, counseling, conflict facilitation, organizational development, and work with people with coma and remote states of consciousness. 

Japan Process Work Center is a center for training and research in Process Work offering several programs and courses for professional and personal development. Currently most of the classes and workshops are offered in Japanese. Face-to-face and online Process Work sessions, consultation and small group tutorials by our English-speaking staff are available upon request.


IAPOP Conference 2016 in Tokyo

We are pleased to announce that Japan Process Work Center will be hosting the next International Association of Process Oriented Psychology Conference in May 2016 in Tokyo.
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